Freshlook Monthly ColorBlends



Properties – Freshlook Monthly ColorBlends

  • Manufacturer : Alcon
  • Brand: FreshLook
  • Wearing type: Monthly Contact Lenses
  • Power range: 6.00 to -8.00
  • Base curve(s): 8.6mm
  • Diameter(s): 14.5mm
  • Lens material: Phemfilcon A
  • Water content : 55%
  • Oxygen permeability: 20 Dk/t


Freshlook Colorblends are some of the most famous color contact lenses in the world. With 55% water content, these lenses will keep your eyes hydrated throughout the day, helping you achieve your desired eye color with comfort and convenience.

If you have lighter eyes, just try FreshLook Colorblends in Green, Grey or Blue.Those with darker eyes have highly recommended shades Brown, Pure Hazel and Honey. For a bold burst of colour and a fresh, new look, try True Sapphire, Gemstone Green, Amethyst, Stirling Grey or Brilliant Blue.




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