Dailies Total 1 For Astigmatism (Pack of 30)

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Product Specifications:

Manufacturer: Alcon
DIA: 14.50
BC: 8.60
Pack size:  30 lenses
Replacement schedule:  1 Day
Expiration:  12 months and more
Oxygen permeability:  127 Dk/t
Water content:  33%
Product name: Dailies TOTAL1 for Astigmatism
Lenses Material : Delefilcon A
Cylinder extra power: from -0.75 to -2.25
Power range:  from -8.00 to +4.00
Extended or overnight wear:  No
Medical Device: Yes
UV filter:  Yes


Dailies TOTAL1 for Astigmatism

Dailies TOTAL1 for Astigmatism are one-day silicone hydrogel contact lenses with perfectly designed optics. The lenses settle in an average of 37 seconds and the design of the lens ensures correct lens positioning throughout the wearing period.

Perfect visual acuity for people with astigmatism
PRECISION BALANCE 8/4 is Alcon’s proven toric lens design. Thanks to the technology used, the lens fits perfectly and guarantees the wearer perfect visual acuity. For easier application, the lenses have an orientation mark in the form of a small line at the 6 o’clock position. The lens also has stabilization points at the 8 o’clock and 4 o’clock positions, thus keeping the lens in the correct position.

Comfortable to wear even for sensitive eyes
Water Gradient Technology makes the lens material extremely comfortable. The lenses have a variable water content. The core consists of a silicone hydrogel with a water content of 30%, which ensures high oxygen permeability. And the lens surface that comes into contact with the delicate and sensitive tissues of the eye is made of classic hydrogel with a water content approaching 100%.

UV protection
The lenses have a Class 1 UV filter that captures 90% of UVA and 99% of UVB radiation. For perfect eye protection, the lenses need to be combined with sunglasses as the lenses only protect part of the eye.

Wearing method
Dailies TOTAL1 for Astigmatism contact lenses are one of the daily disposable lenses that are generally considered to be the healthiest form of lens wear. The wearer applies new, perfectly clean lenses every day and simply throws them away after removing them from the eye.




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