Dailies Total 1 (Pack of 30)

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Product Specifications:

Manufacturer: Alcon
Brand: Dailies
Type of Lens: Corrective contact lenses
Lens Material: Nefilcon A
Technology: SmarTears Technology
Water Content: >33%
Base Curve: 8.50 mm
Lens Diameter: 14.10 mm
Oxygen permeability: 156 Dk/t
UVA/UVB protection: No
Replacement Schedule: Daily


Dailies Total 1 – Pack of 30 Daily Contact Lenses

Dailies Total1 are daily silicone hydrogel contact lenses from Alcon. They are designed with a classic hydrogel material that retains high water content in the lens, and silicone-hydrogel that provides a sufficient amount of oxygen permeability to the cornea, both to ensure healthy eyes and an irritation-free comfortable experience. Also, their outer surface includes a cushion of moisture, making them so lightweight on the eyes.

Dailies Total1 contact lenses comprise the SmarTears Technology, exclusive to the Dailies brand of contact lenses, that releases moisturizing agents similar to those found in human tears, to help stabilize your eye’s natural tear film and ensure a clear vision during the whole wear time.

Start each day with a new lens and a consistently clear vision.




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